I hope you enjoyed reading about my escapades at school all those years ago, and if they brought back any memories of your own, I very much hope they were pleasant ones!

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Don Brooksbank
(Leamington College for Boys ex-pupil 1959-1966)


Born in Hornchurch (Essex), I went to Corsham County Primary School (Wiltshire) and Minden Row Junior School (Hong Kong) before becoming a pupil at Leamington College for Boys in 1959.

Corsham County Primary School

Corsham County Primary School

Probably the earliest photographic record of me as a schoolboy!

Obviously a posed shot, which was taken I think in 1955/56.
I was then in the Infants' Class aged seven.

In my Minden Row School blazer

In my Minden Row School blazer

On a trip out to Repulse Bay, Hong Kong Island

Captured on camera here with a slightly quizzical expression.
The photo was taken in July 1958: I was aged nine.

And now.....
Travelcard Mugshot

Here I am fifty years later!

Mugshot photo taken for a Centro Travelcard: October 2008

Hmmm....I seem to have changed quite a bit!

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