The school was organized into four Houses, in what I always thought seemed to be a sort of wannabe-Public-school fashion. They were named after eminent local personages, and I was in Heatley House. The rivalry, if you can call it that, was based predominantly on sports and from time to time was whipped up rather artificially by House Masters. I never thought I had much to contribute in this respect, but was taken pleasantly by surprise in a French class one day, when Mr 'Taffy' Marshall organized a vocabulary test in the format of a cricket match, with a 'bowler' calling out an word in English and the 'batsman' producing the French translation. A 'run' in the form of a correct answer was then scored to the appropriate House. In to bat, I clocked up a very creditable score of 50+ I think, before being 'bowled' by Tim Gregory with "washing" (as in "do the laundry") which I didn't know at the time but have never since forgotted is "la lessive". I got a spontaneous round of applause.

Fenced off from the world

As it is now: Fenced off from the world
Empty, sad and lifeless, and looking for all the world like an abandoned Victorian lunatic asylum, with sunlight streaking across the cold deserted playground, my old school still evokes powerful memories of my time as a pupil there in the 1960s

My other claim to fame House-wise came much later when I was in the Sixth Form, at the time of the Inter-House Drama Competition. My only experience of acting was (and still is) of hamming up the "No room at the Inn" line in a nativity play at Junior School, so I didn't want to do that, but I did offer to help as a production assistant. The producer, "Dicky" Bird, wasn't wildly keen on doing it all himself and so roped me in as well and I ended up being credited as co-producer - and Heatley came second, at that time our best performance to date!

Form 3L Autumn 1961 Form 3L Spring 1962 Form 3L Summer 1962

My school reports: Form 3L 1961-1962
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