Unofficially, discipline took on a large number of variations depending on the capability and whim of the individual staff. No-one who went to Leamington College for Boys in the 1960s can fail to have witnessed at some time the sight and sound of Mr 'Bunny' Austen ramapaging on the warpath, and his bellowing roar of "You, boy.... COME HERE !!" echoes through my mind, sending a ghostly shiver down my spine even now. As well as verbal weapons, pieces of chalk or the board rubber were handy implements in skilful hands. I shall never forget the day I witnessed Mr 'Ken' Wilkinson lose the plot, pick up a miscreant's satchel and with a well-aimed drop-kick send it flying to the far corner of the classroom. We waited with baited breath to see if he'd follow suit with its owner, but fortunately young Blackham (I think - I apologise if I've libelled him there) decided discretion was the better part of valour, and went out of his own accord. And I'm ashamed to confess the occasion when I got a fit of the giggles in one of Mr 'Charlie' Cook's Latin periods, and was made to stand in the corner facing the wall for the rest of the lesson just like a naughty four-year old. At fourteen I was quite old enough to know better and I did in fact go up to him afterwards and apologise for it.

Science block

As it is now: Science block
The main entrance to the block with the science labs in, with the corridors leading off to the right connecting it to the main part of the school. This was the newest part of the school. The inscription on the foundation stone just to the left of the small tree reveals that it was officially opened in November 1957

I can't say I was ever really bullied at school. I wouldn't like to say it didn't happen, but obviously the technology for so-called cyber-bullying hadn't been invented then, notes passed round in class risked being intercepted or falling into the wrong hands, and playground fights were swiftly broken up by prefects or staff with both/all participants being punished. Although physically very susceptible to being bullied, I get the impression looking back on it that my academic achievements gained me a certain measure of respect and may have saved me in a way which probably wouldn't still be the case nowadays? I don't know. At any rate, the one time I do remember being picked on for a fight, I was forced face down on the ground and my assailant was twisting my arm up behind my back with a "Give in??" And just as I was about to, he suddenly let go, having I imagine concluded that I was a tougher nut to crack than he'd thought. I was thirteen at the time.

School crest

The school crest and motto

The inscription reads 'ARMA COLLEGII APVD AVGVSTAM AQVARVM' which despite 'Charlie' Cook's efforts I can no longer quite translate, and so I'm indebted to Sam Saunders for his recollection that the Latin was a bit dodgy, but meant "Arms of The College at the home of great waters"

The part horizonally across the centre is 'perseverantia' or "perseverence".

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